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The 2020 Hawaii STEM Conference is taking place on May 5th & 6th at Hawaii Convention Center Honolulu, Hawaii. This two-day regional technology conference serves 1,000+ middle and high school students and teachers. We invite students, teachers, parents, community and business leaders to gather and celebrate STEM learning projects, experience the excitement of a regional technology conference and share stories with other students from different islands.

The Hawaii STEM Conference provides STEMworks students and teachers the opportunity to showcase their service-learning STEM projects, network and other students and industry professionals, compete in competitions, attend hands-on STEM sessions, and much more.

Interactive Playground

We are inviting industry partners to engage students and teachers with their products or services during our Interactive Playground Session on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 from 1pm – 3pm. Industry partners are encouraged to include information about integration of products into classrooms and alignment to career skill building.

Competitions and Design Challenges

The goals of the design challenges and competitions at the Hawaii STEM conference are to provide students opportunities to engage and showcase the skills they have learned using different software throughout the school year. Participating in these challenges and competitions provide a space for students to use and further develop their critical thinking and problem solving skills, team-work and networking skills and planning and organizing skills. This experience will allow them to reflect on their areas of strength and identify areas to improve their skill set.

About STEM Works

For nearly two decades, MEDB’s STEMworks™-sponsored STEM/Service Learning programs have led the state in progressive STEM education. Student teams have been selecting community based/environmental and cultural issues to create high tech solutions. Our STEM/Service Learning model has been recognized nationally as an innovative, relevant, and successful approach to education – it is unlike any other class in today’s K-12 curriculum.

Our program is a project-based, service-learning oriented class that provides students with the most current, high-end technologies available in some of the most progressive fields in the world. It is more than a class offering and much more than a “computer class.” At its heart, it is a coordinated attempt to provide today’s students with an educational atmosphere that allows them to gain insight into their own abilities to acquire and use information, solve problems, and gain valuable experience in using this technology.

Students routinely interact with hardware and software in animation, computer aided design, engineering design, visualization, database design, web design, programming, office automation, global positioning systems, and geographic information systems. The students, working in teams, tackle sophisticated service-oriented projects. In the process of solving these problems, they learn to become creative, intuitive, adaptable learners who can solve unpredictable, real-world problems.

Today, our Maui pilot has grown into a full-blown statewide STEM based, serving learning program, moving out to 29 schools, involving over 2000 students annually on every island.

This critical mass has spurred the creation of the Hawaii STEM Conference, a STEM/Service-Learning event that attracts student teams from across the state to showcase and share their technology savvy in advancing environmental stewardship and making a difference in their respective communities.