Bitcoin 101 by Alex Leishman

Alexander Leishman is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer at River Financial. He will be coving the whats and whys of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin 101 by Alex Leishman2021-04-14T12:22:23-10:00

Free Coworking Day

Please join us for Free Coworking Day at the Entrepreneurs Sandbox! Experience what it's like to be a Sandbox coworking member on Tuesday, March 23rd.

Free Coworking Day2021-03-04T10:24:06-10:00

Women in Tech: An Interview with Ellen Ng

Ellen Ng, Economic Development Specialist at the Hawaii Technology Development Corporation (HTDC), will share her career journey, the lessons she learned, and advice she has for women navigating tech roles.

Women in Tech: An Interview with Ellen Ng2020-11-11T14:28:52-10:00

Secure Remote Working

Now that working remotely is the “norm”, leverage online tools to ensure your business is operating efficiently and effectively.

Secure Remote Working2020-10-01T11:56:27-10:00

WetWare Wednesday

WetWare Wednesday is open to the greater tech community! Whether you are a Software Developer, Engineer, Data Scientist or Digital Marketer, we invite you to join us.

WetWare Wednesday2020-02-14T15:39:00-10:00
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